Ukrainos bibliotekininkų kreipimasis

2022-04-12 | LBD, Naujienos

Dalinamės Ukrainos bibliotekininkų asociacijos kreipimusi ir raginimu išreikšti savo poziciją pasirašant pridedamą pareiškimą:

We appeal to librarians around the world to sign our Statement!

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Librarians! Stand with Ukraine!

Ban all relations with Russian librarians, libraries, and library associations!

We, librarians and information professionals around the world, adhere to universal and democratic values and are committed to combating misinformation.

Given the brutal armed aggression against Ukraine and its people by the Russian Federation, the torture of civilians, the thousands of deaths, and the destruction of civilian infrastructure, as well as the long-running propaganda activities in support of the Putin regime and the disgraceful information manipulation by Russian librarians and libraries, we:

  • recognize Russia’s unjustified war against Ukraine as aggressive, and the actions of the Russian army against the peaceful Ukrainian people as a war crime and crime against humanity;
  • stop all cooperation and professional connections with the institutions of the Russian Federation and Russian librarians, libraries, and library associations; 
  • appeal to the international organizations in scientific, educational and cultural areas to exclude all Russian librarians, libraries, and library associations from their membership;
  • ask governments of all civilized countries for military assistance to Ukraine and stop any cooperation with Russian Federation.

We are convinced that by uniting, the civilized world will overcome the darkness and death borne by Russia and the Russian army.

Sign the Statement

List of signatories 


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